Ålesund roadtrip

Finally, roadtrip and nice weather in Norway! :)

I made these photos specifically to share with you. Everyone always says to me that I don’t have enough photos of my life in Norway. Well, that is because in my free time I like to make artistic photos for myself that usually don’t present classic landscapes or famous places. But I did my best to present to you how nice it is here in Norway :)

On our way to Ålesund we wanted to see the famous Trollstigen, but even with nice and warm weather it was closed due to a large amount of snow. So we just saw it from underneath. Rest of the time we were mostly exploring Ålesund where we also visited Atlantic Sea Park. Ålesund is known for it's beautiful Art Nouveau architecture. On our way back we saw the most famous Norwegian railway bridge - the Kylling bru and one of the most famous Norwegian fjords - Geirangerfjord. The view was beautiful!



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