Photo prints

Professional photography prints

- long-lasting fine art inkjet prints which can last for more than 100 years
- prints available in all sizes up to 42 x 60cm
- every photo individually prepared for printing by your photographer :)


Classic photo printing often doesn’t offer a good result, either the colours are not correct or the final result is just far away from the original image. This is due to lower quality printers, papers and no individual adjustments made for each photo before printing.

However, I use a printing tehnique that is also used for the production of artworks with archival quality, as it offers a high qulity and long-lasting prints. I use a printer with a wide colour gamut meaning that colours will be rich and true. Details are sharp and look even better than in digital images. The paper that I mainly use is matt cotton paper, slightly texturised paper with a warm tone, perfect for intimate wedding photos. 


Option one

Just the print

40x60cm 700 NOK
28x42cm 450 NOK
20x30cm 310 NOK
14x21cm 230 NOK

Minimal printing order: 2500 NOK
Order pick up in Trondheim

Option two

Print mounted in a frame

50x70cm 1250 NOK
40x50cm 900 NOK
30x40cm 730 NOK
21x30cm 610 NOK

*Price shown is with Ikea frames, mounting and frames included in the price
Photos come with Ikea HOVSTA frame, but other Ikea models and custom made frames from external manufacturers can be included

Minimal printing order: 2500 NOK
Order pick up in Trondheim


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