Sky Dance

Trondheim, Norway

Pauline is one of VLVT Trondhim models. We arranged a test photo shoot and got some really good results! It is not wedding photography, but I think it is nice to share other things that I do too :)

We went to a beautiful beach near Trondheim and we were lucky to get some sun! We tried out some long exposures with movements, we played with shadows and used clear sky as a background. Selection of images was really hard since Pauline is such a good model and we made a lot of good photos!

Altogether it was really nice to make some new fashion/portrait photographs. Also, it was fun to work without a specific task to fulfil, having all the freedom with photographing and editing.

Thank you Pauline for our beautifull cooperation, I hope we will do this sometime again! 

I went a bit wild with post design, hope you like it :)
I recommend that you see it on the computer.


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